The “Spicy Side of Sports,” starring India ’s foremost authorities of American sports, Haji and Raji, is the most outrageous and maniacal sports program to appear in decades.


These two irreverent and controversial sports fanatics offer acute insights, off the wall discussions, and vehement debates on all aspects of sports. They discuss issues, past and present, with a level of passion unparalleled in sports broadcasting history.


So join the rest of Southern California and be a part of the frenzied, frenetic world of Haji and Raji

“welcome to Haji and Raji “the spicy side of sports”

Name: haji and raji

Age: unknown

Location: india / usa

Occupation: tech support, sex therapists and sports trivia geniuses !

favorite sports: we love all the american sports! ( we don’t like cricket’s boring )

the facts......


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